Marysville car accident

Marysville Car Accident

Car accidents are not things you can truly plan for. You can buy insurance for the car, pay for health insurance every month. You can drive alert and safe every waking day. You can’t take into account the actions or other drivers, or how conditions of the road affect them. Your life can be changed by something, or someone, completely outside of your control. However, you can still win some measure of compensation after a Marysville car accident, and the attorneys at Penney and Associates are ready to help.

Why you need a Marysville car accident lawyer

Whether your car accident is caused by drunken driver, or by unsafe road conditions, a personal injury attorney is a powerful ally to have on your side. However, you may still be asking yourself why a lawyer is necessary.

The unfortunately reality is that even if it seems obvious that you are not at fault for your car accident, you don’t have many allies on your side. Your insurance companies, and those of other accident participants, will do what it can to limit your compensation. Claims adjusters are trained to look for any reason, any excuse that can be used against you. Despite your injuries, your conduct at the time of an accident will come under intense focus. Anything that can suggest your fault in the crash will be used to reduce your compensation. In turn, this affects your ability to make hospital payments, car repairs, and to meet your other obligations.

After your Marysville car accident, you may not feel obligated to hire a lawyer, but the other driver involved may decide to do so. If this happens, and you are without support from your own attorney, not only could you see a serious reduction in your settlement. And that is if your manage to win your case at all!

Penney and Associates is ready to help Marysville car accident victims get back on their feet!

Nobody wakes up to start their day planning to have a car accident. You make plans for a drive out to Veterans Park, or a day at Ellis Lake. Without warning, you could be caught up in a car accident because of unsafe road conditions, or the reckless acttions of other drivers. Without warning, life as you know it can be over, and it will be you or your surviving family who are left behind to pick up the pieces.

Penney and Associates have been practicing law in California for decades, and we know how devastating any accident can be. We want to help Marysville car accident survivors and their families through these trying times. Our attorneys combine experience and knowledge to help fight for a fair settlement. We can help ensure that you’ll be able to afford your hospital bills, and the cost of replacing a car. More than that, you’ll win back the peace of mind your accident shattered.

Call Penney and Associated today for a free personal injury consultation. We’re ready, and we’re on your side!

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