Riverside bus accident

Riverside Bus Accident

Riverside County is part of the Inland Empire metropolitan area, a sprawling collection of cities and national parks that connects to eastern Los Angeles county. This massive area can be a serious challenge to commute through, especially if your job is in another city. Traffic only continues to increase in cities like Riverside as the population grows. Many people choose to rely on buses, such as those provided by the Riverside Transit Agency. While these buses and their drivers are held to stringent safety standards, the possibility of a Riverside bus accident will always exist.

A bus accident potentially affects dozens of people in an instant. Serious injuries that cause life-long disability, and even death are very possible outcomes. What’s worse is that it can be be difficult to determine who is at fault. Was it a mistake made by the bus driver? Was the bus itself faulty in some way? Were the road conditions or other vehicles at fault? All of these questions have to be asked, and it could mean for a very long court case. Penney and Associates offers Riverside bus accident victims the legal assistance they need, in order to reach a fair settlement.

Real examples of a potential Riverside bus accident

It takes only a few minutes searching news articles on the internet to see how dangerous, and surprisingly frequent, bus accidents appear in the news. This year alone, one major bus accident in California killed one woman, and injured 26 others. The bus managed to cross lanes into oncoming traffic, crashing head-on with two cars.

A crash that made international headlines in October 2016 claimed 13 lives, and injured 31 others. The accident happened at night, with a tour bus out of Palm Springs crashing into the back of a tractor trailer. The bus was traveling faster than the big rig, and when they collided the bus rammed 15 feet into the back of the trailer. It was determined shortly after the accident that the bus driver made no attempt to hit the brakes. There was also no attempt to avoid the tractor trailer.

These two incidents illustrate some of the potential horrors involved with a serious bus accident. The passengers on the buses, the drivers of other vehicles, they had no control over the situation. Either due to recklessness, or sheer driver fatigue, the bus drivers failed to maintain safe operation of their vehicles. The result: dozens injured or killed. Medical bills that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per victim.

And that’s not even considering the legal costs. The companies involved could have done everything right. They could have ensured their buses checked out. The drivers of the buses could have company-enforced rules for how long their shifts last. When accidents like these happen, suddenly even a successful business can find itself under serious financial pressure.

Then you have the victims and their families. Even surviving these accidents could leave you with permanent disability, robbing you of the ability to work for your household.

What to do after a Riverside bus accident

Surviving such a traumatic event can leave lasting physical and mental harm on victims. As time passes, it becomes harder to recall the event accurately. This is why it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer right away. Any information that you, or other witnesses may have are the major deciding factors of these types of cases.

If you are a Riverside bus accident victim, or are family of one, try your best to get as much information about the accident as possible. Stay in contact with other victims if possible, and try to get information from the official police investigation. When you do speak with a lawyer, having all of the information on hand helps!

At Penney and Associates, we have years of experience in dealing with major injury accidents. We understand how difficult it is to recall these events. Our attorneys combine decades of experience to ensure that when your case goes to court, it gets the best backing possible.

Don’t let bus operators and insurance claims adjusters deny you a fair settlement. Your suffering is real. Your medical and insurance bills are real. Let Penney and associates fight for the compensation you deserve, and help you win back some peace of mind. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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