San Francisco bus accident

San Francisco Bus Accident

Buses are just a daily part of life for San Francisco residents. Anyone who lives and works in the Bay Area knows that trying to drive yourself to work in the morning is very challenging. Many locals have taken to any form of public transit available to them, and the bus is one of the more accessible. Some use buses to reach a BART station, and others take a bus exclusively to work or home. Even tourism benefits from the presence of buses, allowing visitors to not worry about trying to navigate the busy roads of the Bay Area. With so many of these vehicles on the road, it’s no surprise that a San Francisco bus accident is a very real and common danger.

Why does a San Francisco bus accident happen?

A passenger bus is larger than many other vehicles on the road. Their design inherently limits the situational awareness of their drivers. The blind spots on a bus are large, and a bus driver must be proactive with safety while operating the vehicle. Even a simple lane change can end in disaster for the bus driver if there were obstacles they couldn’t see.

San Francisco is a dense city, and while many people choose to take a bus or train to get around, many others prefer their own vehicles. The streets in and around the city are regularly packed with traffic of all kinds, and a bus must be driven with all this in mind. Additionally, road work and construction is happening all the time. One San Francisco bus accident involved a tour bus in Union Square. The driver claimed the bus was out of control, and to slow it down they drove into parked vehicles. Ultimately, the bus crashed into a construction site, injuring twenty passengers.

San Francisco bus accident victims can rely on Penney and Associates!

The 2015 Union Square crash is only one example of the potential scale a these incidents can have. California has seen many other, more recent bus accidents, some with multiple fatalities. Some were caused by driver recklessness. Others involve poor visibility or unsafe road conditions, the former of particular concern in San Francisco; the famous fog of the Bay Area has contributed to many accidents. Some involve neglect of maintenance and inspections; in the aftermath of the Union Square accident, investigators discovered that the bus fleet of the operating company had not been properly inspected. If there were mechanical issues, nobody would have known until after a potentially fatal accident!

Victims of a San Francisco bus accident are oftentimes people who were just going through their daily routine. Either they were on the sidewalk, they were driving their own passenger vehicle, or they were a passenger on the bus itself. Suddenly, they are injured in a terrible accident that may have been outside of their control to avoid. They are stuck with medical bills, spend days in the hospital and at home recovering. Their jobs are put on hold, and even potentially lost.

Penney and Associates lawyers bring decades of personal injury law experience to every case. We understand that all San Francisco bus accident victims are experiencing a difficult time, emotionally and physically. We want to help them get the fair compensation they and their families deserve.

More importantly, Penney and Associates knows what our clients are up against. Bus operating companies will challenge every claim in court regarding negligence and failures of vehicle maintenance. They will try to blame other vehicle drivers, who are often times victims themselves. They will do everything they can to limit their level of liability in any accident.

Contact Penney and Associates today for a free consultation. Our attorneys are ready to assist you and your family in winning back the peace of mind and the financial security you deserve.

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