Santa Rosa bus accident

Santa Rosa Bus Accident

Santa Rosa residents use public transit buses on a daily basis. Whether it’s for a commute to Rohnert Park, or just a simple shopping trip within Santa Rosa, buses are a reliable choice to get from point A to point B. Sadly, a bus ride isn’t always smooth and safe, for the passengers or other drivers on the road. A Santa Rosa bus accident can involve multiple vehicles, cause serious harm the people on the bus, or the vehicles the bus crashes into. Penney and Associates can help victims hold those responsible for the accident accountable, and win fair compensation.

The deadly factors behind a Santa Rosa bus accident

A public transit bus is a large vehicle. Even without passengers, these heavy vehicles take time to slow down once they get up to speed, and they are mot particularly maneuverable. Even the most alert bus drivers can’t respond to sudden changes in road conditions on reflex; sudden sharp turns could potentially cause a rollover. The sheer size of the bus almost makes it difficult for drivers to check the road around them for other vehicles. Modern passenger buses have done much to improve driver visibility, but there are still blind spots traffic could disappear into.

Mechanical failure is also a serious concern. Bus operators are expected to provide regular maintenance for their bus fleets. If a mechanical problem contributes to an accident, the operator could be held liable if they did not perform their due diligence!

A Santa Rosa bus accident could also be the fault of the bus driver itself. An intoxicated or exhausted driver can have potentially deadly consequences for their passengers. A 2016 bus accident in Southern California injured 31 and killed 13, including the driver. There was no appearance of braking in this accident, yet the bus had passed inspections before the accident. It could mean that the driver was distracted, or possibly asleep when his bus plowed into the rear of a tractor trailer.

And of course, there are other drivers on the road to consider. Reckless driving around a bus could force its driver to attempt a sudden maneuver to avoid an accident, ironically leading to a potentially larger accident.

Get the best legal aid after a Santa Rosa bus accident!

Penney and Associates has been helping personal injury victims win a fair settlement for years. We’re ready to help bus accident victims with a free consultation. We know how devastating any accident can be, and we can help walk you through the process preparing for a case.

The attorneys of Penney and Associates combine decades of experience across all manner of personal injury claims. We know what our clients are up against: business operators who will try to deny or even lie about responsibility, insurance companies who will do their best to limit compensation. Then there are the extensive medical bills that can leave survivors in dire financial straits.

If you or a family member have been involved in a Santa Rosa bus accident, contact Penney and Associates today! We’re ready to help you win back the peace of mind your accident has taken from you.

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