Santa Rosa motorcycle accident

Santa Rosa Motorcycle Accident

Santa Rosa and the surrounding region is known for offering scenic motorcycle routes. Enthusiasts from all over the state, and all over the country, pass through Sonoma County in search of the perfect ride. It isn’t always safe on the road for motorcyclists, who are often stereotyped as risk-takers. Accidents are often blamed on them by default, but in reality, other drivers are often the greatest risk to any rider. Penney and Associates knows what motorcyclists are up against, and we’re ready to help any Santa Rosa motorcycle accident victim get the compensation they deserve.

Why you want a lawyer after a Santa Rosa motorcycle accident

Motorcycles offer little in the way of protection for the riders. Even with protective clothes and helmets, all it takes is a bump from another car to possibly send the bike and rider tumbling end over end at freeway speeds. What is more terrifying is that these types of accidents are fairly common. Vehicle drivers have limited fields of view, and can’t always see a motorcycle until it is too late. Some drivers don’t properly check around them before shifting lanes. And then there is the threat of intoxicated drivers, who are slower to react to road conditions and have much less control of their vehicles.

Any Santa Rosa motorcycle accident, whether it’s the fault of other drivers, or simply due to unsafe road conditions, carries the threat of serious physical injury. Even a rider wearing proper safety equipment can suffer crippling, life-changing injuries, or even be killed instantly.

Unfortunately, even when the evidence shows who is truly at fault, a motorcyclist faces an uphill road. Insurance claims adjusters will look for any evidence that suggests the rider could be remotely responsible for their injuries. And while they wait for the claims to be settled, the other drivers involved may or may not have their own insurance to deal with. And if the case does end up in court, the stereotype of the ‘daredevil’ motorcycle enthusiast who ‘takes their life into their own hands’ may influence the outcome and the settlement.

Santa Rosa motorcycle accident victims can rely on Penney & Associates for expert legal assistance!

A personal injury lawyer is a great ally to have on your side after any accident. Penney and Associates combines decades of experience in personal injury law, and a track record of success. With a free personal injury consultation, we can establish all the facts about your Santa Rosa motorcycle accident. We’ll help you with the claims, explain what information we need for your case, and offer aggressive legal representation in court.

You do not deserve to be crushed under the weight of medical and insurance expenses. Whether you win compensation in court, or receive a settlement out of court, Penney and Associates can ensure that it is fair to you and your family. Contact us today to set up your consultation with one of our attorneys!

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