Stockton bus accident

Stockton Bus Accident

Bus Accidents Require Proper Legal Presentation

Public transit by bus is an affordable travel alternative for Californians. Stockton citizens are among many who safely travel by bus every day. Bus drivers are expected to be well-trained and always alert while behind the wheel. However, a bus is a large vehicle that takes time to react to sudden changes in driving conditions. This can lead to accidents. A single bus accident can injure or kill dozens of people. They can restrict travel on the roads or freeways where they occur. Bus accidents are not limited to driver and passenger victims. Pedestrians and other vehicles can be struck by a bus. They can happen at anywhere at any time, on the Crosstown Freeway, or at a stop near the Hammertown Shopping Center. Thousands are victims of auto accidents each year. Stockton bus accident victims can find representation through Penney & Associates.

Why You Need A Lawyer For A Stockton Bus Accident

Any accident can be a traumatic event. A bus accident can involve many people inside the bus itself. Physical injury and emotional distress is always a possibility in any auto accident. These can be major financial concerns to victims and their family members.

Bus accident victims are not limited to passengers and their driver. You could be walking down the street, you could be driving your own vehicle, when you are struck by a bus.

The cost of a bus accident can extend beyond the event itself. Your life may be severely disrupted by your injuries. Children hurt by a school bus can miss days or weeks of classes. Parents may be forced to miss work to tend to a recovering child. Auto and health insurance companies can take advantage of a bus accident to increase the rates victims are expected to pay. These rate increases can be overwhelming to victims and those at fault for the accident.

Stockton bus accident victims need legal representation, and they must act quickly.

What To Do If You Are A Stockton Bus Accident Victim

If you are injured, medical attention is an immediate need. However, there is more you need to do if you want fair compensation. Gather the following information as soon as you are able:

The bus driver’s information

  • Get their name.
  • Insurance information.
  • Vehicle License number
  • Driver’s License number.

Witness information

  • Get names.
  • Write down contact phone numbers.
  • Get drivers license numbers if needed.

Victim information

  • Victim names
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Insurance information, if necessary.

Try to remain in contact with other victims. Their statements combined with your own can help resolve the case in your favor.

Police Report

  • A police report can reveal information about the accident that you may not have been personally aware of. This can include conditions leading up to the accident itself that may have affected the bus, how fast it was traveling, or other witness accounts.
  • Bring the police report with you during your free consultation with a Penney & Associates attorney.

What To Avoid

Avoid signing documents or consenting to anything, such as recorded statements, without first consulting a lawyer. Do not delay gathering information on the accident! Memories of these events can fade with time, even if you are left with chronic pain from the accident.


What Is Your Next Step?

Contact a local law office to set up a free consultation. Attorneys are available to take on Stockton bus accident cases. A lawyer will listen to your statements, take the available information on the bus accident, and prepare an outline for your case at the end of the consultation. Take advantage of this free service for your peace of mind.

Above all, remember to act as quickly as possible. Accident victims deserve proper legal representation. Penney & Associates has over 100 years of experience across personal injury and wrongful death cases. If you are a passenger victim of a Stockton bus accident, or are family of a victim, we can help you reach a fair settlement.

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