Fairfield bus accident

Fairfield Bus Accident

People trust Fairfield and Suisun Transit (FAST) buses to take them where they need to go every single day. Thankfully, the average bus ride is without incident. Proper maintenance keeps the buses safe to drive. The drivers themselves are held to training and safety standards as well. This is all by necessity; buses carry dozens of riders between stops, dozens of lives who are placing themselves in the hands of the driver. If a bus isn’t getting the care in requires, or the driver isn’t paying attention, a Fairfield bus accident can hurt or kill multiple people. Penney and Associates is ready to help victims of such a tragedy get through the legal process, and win fair compensation.

Lawyers can help Fairfield bus accident victims

Like any other auto accident, there are many potential causes for a bus accident. The driver of the bus could have been distracted, or falling asleep. An improperly maintained bus could suffer major mechanical faults. Bad road conditions make losing control possible. Other drivers on the road could crash into the bus.

A bus carries far more people than a car or motorcycle can, which means dozens of potential victims in a single accident. The size and weight of a bus also means that other drivers and pedestrians on the side of the road can get caught in the accident, often despite the best efforts of the bus driver. It takes time for a bus to accelerate, and it also takes time for it to slow down. An accident happening right in front of the bus leaves the driver little time to safely respond.

A police investigation will bring to light anything that contributed to a Fairfield bus accident, but you still need a lawyer if you want full compensation. Health insurance providers will look for any way to limit the pay out on an injury claim. Bus operators will argue in court that they did everything within reason to prevent or avoid an accident. And you will still be paying the medical costs for your injuries while this plays out in court.

If you are a Fairfield bus accident victim:

Make the effort to get contact information of other victims and potential witnesses. It helps to have the accounts of others who were involved to accompany your own. If possible, you want to get the bus driver’s information as well, including their drivers’ license or ID number. Get insurance information of all drivers involved, especially that of the bus driver.

Be wary of making recorded statements without first contacting an attorney. Remember that what you say CAN be used against you by insurance claims adjusters. It’s best to have help from a Penney and Associates lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you organize all the information you have on the accident, and set up a strong case in court.

It’s important to act quickly! With time, or due to injuries, the memories of a traumatic bus accident can fade even as you suffer from lingering chronic pain. The sooner you approach an attorney with your information, the better your chances of winning the settlement you and your family deserve.

Let Penney and Associates handle your case!

Our attorneys combined have over a century of experience with personal injury cases, and a proven track record of success. But more importantly, we understand how difficult your situation is. You could have been commuting to work, or on a shopping trip to the Solano Town Center. Suddenly, you’ve been hurt in an accident that was completely out of your control. You’re stuck paying medical bills, possibly spending weeks and months unable to work. Some severe injuries will stay with you for life. All that is why you need the skilled and knowledgeable attorneys we can provide.

Contact Penney and Associates for a consultation, and get on the legal track to a fair settlement today.

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