Irvine bus accident

Irvine Bus Accident

Orange County’s bus transit system is a reliable alternative to getting around town. Many Irvine residents safely use a bus every day. Taking one into Anaheim and Los Angeles saves money on gasoline, and avoids the stress of driving in traffic. Bus travel has only gotten safer over the years as vehicles improve. Unfortunately, accidents still happen. Bus accidents are complex legal situations that can involve many victims. Penney and Associates offers aggressive and smart legal representation that can win Irvine bus accident victims win a fair settlement.

Why Irvine bus accident victims need a lawyer

Bus fleets are held to strict standards, and companies operating them can be held liable for any accidents that occur. The process is long and complex. You need lawyers familiar with the law to prove negligence, either on the part of the driver, or on the part of the company itself. Did the driver make unsafe choices at the wheel? Was the bus itself not receiving the maintenance it needed? Were there other factors that could have caused the accident?

A bus accident could have dozens of victims in a single vehicle. Every single person will have their own account of the accident. Some of these statements may contradict each other, and injuries could make remembering events difficult. This is one reason why it is so important to seek a lawyer out as soon as possible. The consultation process can act as a record of what is known about the accident, and help determine if more information is needed.

The other reason to get a lawyer is the statute of limitations. California residents have two years to bring a personal injury case to court. This time limit may be shorter if a government agency is involved. This all depends on the operator of the bus.

What to do after an Irvine bus accident

Medical care is the first and most important step. However, if it is at all possible, one should start gathering information about the accident immediately. There is a chance that you, and any other victims, will forget key information if you wait too long.

Start by getting the name of the bus driver, and any other passengers on the bus. If possible, get the bus driver’s license number. Contact information information is essential as well. A lawyer will use every piece of information they can get for your case.

Try to get in touch with any other witnesses to the accident. What they saw can help determine the bus driver’s negligence. They could have seen what other vehicles involved in the accident were doing. There may have been a road hazard they saw that the bus driver did not.

Lastly, get the police report. These documents will have information that witnesses and victims could have missed.

Contact Penney and Associates for personal injury advice

For victims, an Irvine bus accident is completely unpredictable. Nobody expects a bus ride to the Zion Market to end in tragedy. Thousands make their commute to work by bus every day without incident. When an accident does happen, it can leave lasting pain and economic stress. Hospital bills pile up, and weeks can pass before returning to work is possible. Your insurance may not be enough to cover your needs, or the needs of your family.

Penney and Associates knows how painful an accident is for you and your loved ones. If you’ve been involved in an Irvine bus accident, contact us today for a free consultation. A fair settlement can be the start of putting this traumatic experience behind you.

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