Fred Penney – The Visionary Lawyer

Frederick Penney, CEO and Founder of Penney & Associates, recently discussed his life and professional success with WealthInsider Magazine.  He talks everything from his humble upbringing in a small California ranch town to his success as an investor and lawyer.

A self-professed ‘hot shot’ lawyer, Penney began his sojourn into the world of jurisprudence by taking the cases his peers didn’t want. Soon enough, he was taking the largest firms in the U.S. to trial, and even a county. Yes, you read that correctly, a county! While he wasn’t successful in that specific trial, he’d learned a valuable life lesson; “the great lawyers lose some (trials) because they risk taking on the tough cases.”

Fred discusses how he became a success and describes how he plans to sustain that success both now and in the future. Click here to read the article in full.

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