Santa Clara Trucking Accident

Santa Clara Trucking Accident

Big rigs are responsible for moving much of the freight that passes throughout California. Many important trucking routes pass through San Jose and the rest of Santa Clara County. Generally, transporting goods by big rig is safe, and goes without incident. However, as this Santa Clara trucking accident shows, when they do happen they are dramatic events. This accident luckily involved no fatalities.

However, victims of these accidents are not always so fortunate. And while victims are trying to recover from their injuries, they could spend weeks, even months before they get their day in court. They are forced to pay the price for events that someone else may be responsible for.

The risk of a Santa Clara trucking accident is a growing concern

A trucking accident can involve dozens of vehicles, resulting in serious injuries and deaths. On roads, there are so many factors that could lead to an accident, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault, and why.

There are some factors that are contributing to increased risk on the roads. Big rigs and other transport vehicles weigh much more than the average vehicle. This means they are slow to stop, or to respond to sudden emergencies on the road. This can lead to big rigs crashing into other vehicles, including other big rigs. Taking a turn too sharply, or sudden swerving to avoid obstacles, can overturn a big rig.  Other vehicles nearby could become involved.

Strain on the drivers a major factor

 Truck drivers are expected to drive long routes and long hours. Companies are expected to ensure their drivers do not overextend themselves, but this does not always work out. The reality is, any driver who is exhausted, or otherwise impaired, poses an inherent risk to themselves and to others on the road.

The stress on truckers only increases during the holiday season. By law, drivers can be on the road 11 hours a day. The holiday season can see some drivers working 7 day weeks. That is a lot of opportunity for an exhausted driver to cause an accident.

Why you need a Santa Clara trucking accident lawyer

There are many possible causes for a trucking accident. They range from the drivers themselves, to the drivers of other cars. The big rigs themselves could have been poorly maintained. Safety equipment could fail, contributing to a crash. Road conditions could have led to unavoidable tragedy.

A truck accident case can take months, even years to fully resolve. Victims could have suffered injuries that cost them time at work. Their finances could suffer a massive hit from medical bills. If you die in an accident, you could leave your family under significant financial stress. Meanwhile, insurance companies will do what they can to limit the amount of compensation received. The trucking company involved with the accident may go so far as to blame victims for the accident, even if evidence suggests otherwise.

The lawyers at Penney and Associates have decades of experience in personal injury law. We’ve helped hundreds of clients after all manner of injury accidents. Santa Clara trucking accident victims can get a free consultation that will go over the facts for their case. When you work with Penney and Associates, you’re getting attorneys who are aggressive and knowledgeable about the law. We will hold those responsible for your accident acountable, and help you win the compensation and peace of mind you deserve.

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