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Chico Truck Accident

Every year in California, devastating truck accidents occur. A Chico truck accident can cause permanent injuries, or even result in the loss of lives. Several government agencies maintain statistics about truck accidents, yet these figures do not begin to convey the pain caused by roadway crashes or collisions involving big trucks.

For instance, just consider the awesome power of a large truck or semi. Manufacturers build these heavy vehicles to carry high volumes of bulky cargo across highways. Today, you’ll discover many commercial trucks weighing literally thousands of pounds, far more than a compact car! A Chico truck accident between a passenger car or a pedestrian and a semi can result in serious injuries or deaths. The available statistics from government agencies testify to the significant losses trucking accidents frequently cause.

In the United States, during 2014 alone some 411,000 truck accidents resulted in the filing of police reports. About 20% of these accidents produced nonfatal injuries, and one out of every hundred truck accidents resulted in a fatality. You never know when a Chico truck accident could impact your family. Just consider the large volume of trucks traveling through Chico, California every day. Whether you or a loved one becomes involved in an accident with a large truck while driving along Highway 99 or simply crossing Main Street in Chico on foot, you don’t want to contribute to these grim statistics!

Data released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently provides a lot of information about possible Chico truck accident scenarios. Just consider these facts from 2014:

  • Some 84% of truck accident fatalities take place during week days (between Monday morning and Friday evening)
  • Roughly 61% of deadly truck accidents happen outside of urban areas along rural roadways
  • Single vehicle truck crashes may involve the truck alone, or a pedestrian, a bicycle or other non-motorized vehicle
  • About 37% of deadly truck accidents occur between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Drivers traveling along Highway 99 hope to avoid becoming involved in an Oroville truck accident or a truck accident in Chico and its environs. Unfortunately, even a careful motorists cannot always prevent these types of roadway collisions. Large numbers of trucks travel along roads in this area every single day.

What to do if you have been involved in a Chico Truck Accident

If you sustain a truck accident, what actions should you take? Consider getting in touch promptly with a law firm that possesses experience in the complex field of trucking accidents. You may benefit by speaking about your case with the knowledgeable legal team at Penney & Associates.

Today, many personal injury lawyers focus on representing clients in specific types of accident and injury cases. The professionals at Penney & Associates pay close attention to statistics and other information relating to the trucking industry. They strive to provide informed, aggressive representation in legal actions arising from truck accident. With so many big trucks traveling through Chico every day, potentially any one residing in the community may require legal representation following a truck accident!

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