Roseville Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents occur on a yearly basis in the United States and of these, Roseville trucking accidents can cause untold amounts of pain, suffering, and even loss of life for the drivers involved. However, many would be shocked to know that the United States Department of Transportation and other relevant agencies release statistics about these accidents.

A standard semi-truck tows a trailer with a total weight of more than 10,000 lbs. It should go without saying that when these vehicles crash into pedestrians or other vehicles, the results are catastrophic. Most of this information wouldn’t be too concerning for the average person, if it were not for the US DOT statistics on these accidents.

Approximately 500,000 trucking accidents happen in the United States every year and around 5,000 of those accidents involve the fatality of someone involved. Revenue from trucking generally exceeds $600,000,000,000 every year and isn’t showing signs of slowing down. This means that every year, there are more large trucks on the road than the year prior and even more people are put at risk of being involved in Roseville trucking accidents.

In 2008 alone, national statistics for trucking accidents included the following:

Non-fatal: 123,918
Injury crashes: 49,084
Injuries: 73,047
Hazmat: 2,609
Fatalities: 4,008

It is also worth noting that the majority of accidents happen in more rural areas or on busy roads such as I-80 or Hwy. 65 where fatalities were more likely to occur during daylight hours than at night. The most likely causes for Roseville trucking accidents include inclement weather, tire blowouts, highway obstructions, driver fatigue, and more. The response might be to avoid placing blame on a particular party, but only 15% of trucking accidents on average are found to be without driver error and 87% were caused solely by driver fatigue.

When you are involved in one of the many truck accidents that occur every year, your best course of action is to contact a Roseville trucking accident lawyer who can insure that you get the proper representation. So whether your car gets side-swiped in Citrus Heights or you get rear-ended while going to Auburn, make sure you retain an experienced personal injury lawyer who’s familiar with Roseville trucking accidents.​

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