San Francisco trucking accident

San Francisco Trucking Accident

Big rigs are a common sight in and around San Francisco. Whether it’s mail, Amazon packages, or retail stock, trucking is often involved in getting good to where they need to be. Most of the time, a fully loaded tractor trailer goes to and from it’s destinations without incident. However, there are times where this isn’t the case. It doesn’t take much time to find news about a big rig involved in an accident of some sort. A San Francisco trucking accident can potentially involve dozens of victims if they take place at the wrong place and time.

In March 2017, a box truck flew off the northbound side Highway 101. It crashed onto Bayshore Boulevard, somehow only injuring the three people inside the truck itself. This accident could have been far, far worse. The question is, of course, how could these types of accidents happen? Who, or what, is responsible?

Penney and Associates knows that any trucking accident is a complex event. Oftentimes, there’s more involved with the situation than the drivers and victims involved. Because of this, people involved in a San Francisco trucking accident need the experienced legal representation that Penney and Associates has to offer.

The potential major factors of a San Francisco trucking accident

Big rigs are the biggest things on the freeways, and then you factor in the trailers behind them. When these trucks are pulling a load, the driver’s already limited field of vision shrinks even further. This makes them blind to possible dangers surrounding them. Worse still, the sheer size and weight of these vehicles means that it takes them even longer to stop. Whether it’s normal circumstances, or an emergency, these trucks will not be able to react quickly to sudden hazards in the road.

Road and weather conditions contribute to many trucking accidents all over California. An April 2017 trucking accident on the Bay Bridge cut off all westbound traffic for over 90 minutes. The cause was high winds overturning a big rig.

The drivers of these trucks, and of other vehicles on the road are also a major factor. Fatigue combined with limited visibility, either by darkness or fog, could prevent drivers from properly reacting to a situation. Truck drivers work long hours, and many work overnight. The routes are long, and fatigue can easily set in. But even if the trucker is still awake at the wheel, another reckless driver in a smaller vehicle could instigate a terrifying accident.

Negligence of maintenance a major factor in many commercial vehicle accidents

Penney and Associates has taken on cases where a company has placed their employees and others in danger through negligence. It is no surprise that the same could occur with a San Francisco trucking accident. The most experienced truck driver in the world is still left with very limited options if the brakes on their big rig fail.

Operators of truck fleets are expected to maintain their vehicles. Safety is a priority, not only for the truck drivers themselves, or the cargo, but for everyone else on the road. When maintenance is neglected, the owners of the truck can be held liable if mechanical failure was responsible for an accident.

Call Penney and Associates if you are involved in a San Francisco trucking accident!

Penney and Associates has fought against companies who have tried to hide their negligent acts that led to these types of accidents. Their primary concern is not you, or your fellow victims. They will deny negligence, they will claim the presence of outside factors. They will do whatever they can to limit the compensation they pay to you, their driver, and any other victims involved.

While all this is happening, you will be dealing with the medical consequences for your accident. Severe burns, broken bones, injuries that can take weeks or months to recover from. If your insurance is limited, the costs could ruin you and your family financially.

Don’t allow your pain and suffering to be ignored for a corporate bottom line. If you are the victim of a San Francisco trucking accident, call Penney and Associates today for a free consultation. Let our award-winning attorneys fight for the fair settlement you and your family deserve!

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