Santa Rosa trucking accident

Santa Rosa Trucking Accident

The movement of goods across the United States depends heavily on the trucking industry. Nearly 70 percent of all freight reaches it destination thanks to 3.5 million truck drivers. For Santa Rosa, Highway 101 is one of the major trucking routes into and out of the city. It has also seen its fair share of serious accidents involving big rigs and other vehicles. The unfortunate truth is that a Santa Rosa trucking accident can happen, sometimes with very little warning.Penney and Associates can help trucking accident victims win the compensation they deserve after these traumatic accidents.

What could cause a Santa Rosa trucking accident?

There are many different factors that lead to such an accident. Some of them may involve negligence. The truck driver themselves could be distracted by a cell phone. The truck’s load was improperly secured, and a sudden shift causes the truck to overturn. Or maybe the negligence happened before the truck was even on the road, with the truck’s company providing poor maintenance.

Sometimes a Santa Rosa trucking accident involves factors outside of anyone’s control. Rainy weather can cause a big rig to start hydroplaning over road surfaces. Faulty breaks could fail, or tires could burst due to debris on the road.

A factor that many people ignore is the truck drivers themselves. The trucking industry is plagued with drivers who are overworked, and are often forced to do so. Worse still, retailers all but openly support these practices, particularly around the holidays, when shipments being on time is valued more than the health of the truck drivers. A tired person behind the wheel of a car or minivan can have deadly consequences. Now imagine an exhausted driver behind the wheel of a big rig.

Penney and Associates can help you win fair compensation!

Whatever the cause, a Santa Rosa trucking accident affects more than the big rig and its driver. Freeways can be closed down for hours, multiple vehicles could be involved. Victims face serious injuries and even death.

The truck drivers face intense scrutiny, both by their employers and by insurance companies who are seeking to limit the payout. The same can be said about the drivers of other vehicles involved in the accident. An investigation can take weeks to discover the cause of the accident and determine who is at fault. During that time, you have medical and insurance bills to pay. Days, maybe months lost from work as you recover from your injuries.

Whether you are a truck driver injured on the job, or a driver caught up in a Santa Rosa trucking accident, Penney and Associates can help! Our attorneys bring decades of legal experience to each case, and have a proven track record of success. Contact us today for a free personal injury consultation. We look forward to helping you get the settlement, and peace of mind, you and your loved ones deserve!


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