Fairfield trucking accident

Fairfield Trucking Accident

Many businesses rely on our highways and freeways to transport goods. Truck drivers move a significant percentage of our mail every single day, and generally without incident. However, trucking accidents are surprisingly common. Every day, somewhere in the US, you can read a story about a trucking accident. Fairfield, and the surrounding cities, have seen many trucking accidents in the last year alone. One major accident in July 2016 all but completely halted eastbound early morning traffic as cleaning crews picked up debris. A Fairfield trucking accident can cost time, money, and lives. Penney and Associates helps victims pick up the pieces, and win a fair settlement.

What can cause a trucking accident?

The average tractor-trailer weighs anywhere between 20 and 30 times as much as the average car on the road. This means that a big rig takes longer to accelerate, and longer to slow down. Sudden changes in the road conditions, or another accident on the road, is a lot harder for a tractor-trailer to react to. If they try to swerve quickly around something, it could imbalance the load in the trailer, and cause the entire rig to tip over. Proper maintenance ensure the brakes are in working order, and routine tire pressure checks can avert sudden loss of control during adverse road conditions. The weight of these vehicles will remain.

Another major factor is the cargo itself. The load inside the massive trailers the rig is pulling has to be properly secured. If the load shifts in the trailer, that can also be enough to roll the tractor over.

Limited visibility plays a major role in many trucking accidents. Even with all of the rear view mirrors at their disposal, they have significant blind spots. Small cars, SUVs, and motocycles can simply vanish from sight. A trucker might shift lanes into another car simply because they could not see the danger until it is too late.

However, the drivers themselves are also major factors in any trucking accident. During the holidays, truck drivers are placed under great pressure to make longer drives to deliver goods on time. The law allows drivers to work 11 hour days. Some drivers have reported to work 7 day weeks during the busiest seasons. They may only be working 11 hour days, but that also doesn’t take into account how long it might take to get back home. The fatigue builds, and eventually mistakes are made.

Penney and Associates can help Fairfield trucking accident victims!

Any trucking accident is a complex set of circumstances, and proving liability is equally complex. The conduct and record of the truck driver, and of other drivers, will be examined. Investigators will try to determine how fast all the vehicles were moving at the time of the accident. The people who loaded the truck will be questioned if there is evidence that the load shifted. Maintenance records will be studied.

Through out all of this, insurance companies will be looking for any way to limit the compensation to victims. The victims themselves will be trying to recover physically and financially, a process that can take weeks or years, if they survived at all.

If you are the victim of a Fairfield trucking accident, or are family of a victim, contact Penney and Associates today. With a consultation, we can start the process of getting you the fair settlement, and the peace of mind, you and your family deserve.

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