Irvine trucking accident

Irvine Trucking Accident

With a state as vast as California, the ability to move freight quickly and efficiently is of great value. Companies employ large fleets of tractor-trailer units. The United States Postal Service relies on trucking to push mail between distribution centers and local offices. Irvine is part of this large transportation network. Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances and causes, trucking accidents happen with alarming regularity all over the country. An Irvine trucking accident is a risk on any major freight route passing through the city. Penney and Associates has aggressive and experienced attorneys who can assist victims, and their families, in reaching a fair settlement.

The risks of an Irvine trucking accident

Tractor-trailer trucking has inherent dangers that can lead to serious accidents. The trucks themselves are large, and take time to respond to sudden changes in road conditions. In bad weather they become more difficult to control, taking longer to stop on rain slick roads, and potentially becoming less responsive to the driver.

Orange County has seen trucking accidents partially caused by rainy weather, highlighting another major risk in any trucking accident: other drivers and other vehicles on the road. A combination of slippery road and unsafe speeds caused a mid-December trucking accident that closed down the 55 and 91 freeways near Anaheim. The truck accident by itself was serious, but in an effort to avoid the disabled vehicle, one car slammed on its breaks. Others piled into it from behind. It took hours before the accident was cleared and all lanes were safe to drive.

The size of tractor-trailers, and the loads they pull, often limits their field of vision. Because of this, other drivers and vehicles are potential causes of an Irvine trucking accident. One December 2016 accident saw an SUV crash into a fuel tanker, partially flipping it over. The I-405 freeway between Fountain Valley and Irvine was closed for hours while authorities put out a fire and cleaned up spilled fuel. It is very possible that the tanker driver never even saw the danger to begin with.

Another major risk in any trucking accident is the driver of the tractor-trailer itself. Current regulations allow drivers to drive 11 hours a day, up to seven days a week. The grim statistic for 2015 alone: 3852 people died in large truck crashes across the US.

The strain of long hours on the driver, combined with the demand for deliveries made at any time, can leave a drivers stressed and exhausted. In this state, the driver’s judgement and reflexes may become severely impaired. Sudden changes is weather, road conditions, or accidents involving other vehicles, can surprise a truck driver who is already struggling to stay awake and alert.

Penney and Associates’ Irvine trucking accident lawyers can help!

Trucking accidents are complex events that involve many possible causes. It isn’t always the driver of the truck who is at fault, nor is it always the fault of other drivers and vehicles. Faulty maintenance on the truck could have been responsible for a failure to stop. Unsafe weather conditions may have limited visibility or control of the vehicles involved.

No matter how it happened, a trucking accident could have serious consequences. Life-changing injuries could affect multiple victims. The medical costs alone can bankrupt entire families, on top of the potential loss of employment. And through this all, insurance claims adjusters will seek to find anything that can lessen the amount of compensation paid out to all involved.

Penney and Associate’s has experience across a wide variety of personal injury cases. We can help Irvine trucking accident victims get the fair settlements they deserve, regain economic independence, and peace of mind. Contact us for a consultation today.

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