Marysville trucking accident

Marysville Trucking Accident

The United States sees almost 70 percent of its freight moved by trucks. The economy relies on roughly 3.5 million truck drivers to safely get goods from one place to another. A vast majority of the time, a trucker gets to their destination with no problems, and they return to their lot safely at the end of a long shift. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go smoothly. Highway 70 passes into and out of Marysville, and it has seen a number of accidents over the years. If you are involved in a Marysville trucking accident, you can count on Penney and Associates to help you win a fair settlement!

Why do trucking accidents happen?

Many auto accidents involving big-rigs are the result of reckless driving, often from drivers of smaller cars and trucks on the road. This August 2017 accident involved a stolen vehicle speeding down Highway 10, near Colton, California. The stolen car collided into a BMW that lost control and ended up pinned underneath a nearby tractor trailer. Luckily, the BMW driver escaped only with minor injuries, and the big rig did not lose control and crash into other vehicles.

There are times where the big truck itself is to blame. Poor maintenance, or faulty parts can result in a serious accident. A sudden loss of control caused one truck on Highway 70 to roll over. The resulting closure of the highway lasted eight hours while the truck, and its cargo, were cleaned up from the road.

The driver of a big rig is another potential cause of a Marysville trucking accident. The trucking industry has wrestled for many years with drivers taking on long shifts and every longer routes, in order to meet delivery demands. As the holiday season begins, these drivers are often stretched to the breaking point, beyond what is legally allowed. An impaired driver of any vehicle is bad news. Now imagine one behind the wheel of something larger than any standard car, a truck that takes longer to slow down or stop, or takes turns wider than any other vehicle on the road.

Penney and Associates can help Marysville trucking accident victims get back on their feet!

No matter what the cause may be, a trucking accident can be a serious and potentially life-threatening situation. A truck rolling over on the freeway could be the result of negligence, either on the part of a driver, the people who loaded the truck, and even the people who maintained it. However, even if the evidence points to someone other than you being at fault, your personal injury claims will be challenged.

Your insurance companies will do what they can to limit what they pay in compensation for your health care and your vehicle. The company operating the truck will try to shift blame as much as possible. While this is happening, you will still be paying medical bills, insurance bills, and trying to recover from potentially life-changing injuries. You may lose your job, or even lose the ability to work at all!

Penney and Associates has attorneys with decades of experience in personal injury law. We have helped accident victims win a fair settlement throughout California. A Marysville trucking accident could be a devastating event that changes your life, and the lives of your loved ones. Let us help you win a fair settlement, and the peace of mind you deserve!

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